Patterned & Textured Concrete In San Diego

San Diego textured concrete

Textured or patterned concrete is an old material, concrete with a great new look which makes it far more attractive for many uses today. San Diego textured concrete can simulate many other materials such as tiles, cobblestones, wood, and stone. It can be impressed with a variety of textures and is then usually colored to further add to the similarity of the material it emulates.

There are circumstances where clearly the most superior material is concrete in terms of strength and durability but is not preferred due to its appearance. A walkway made of concrete can be seamless, not subject to buckling or separation as cobblestones might be, but far less attractive than a stone walkway. Stamped concrete allows the homeowner to have the beautiful walkway they desire but also have the strength of concrete to make it last.

Concrete that has been textured has been around a long time. It is only recently that advances in coloration and texture imprinting have made it truly a viable choice for the discerning owner and builder. In the past it was a less than satisfactory solution used by those who simply had to have concrete as opposed to other materials and it was quite obviously aesthetically substandard.

Today concrete that has been textured and colored is still concrete with all its strengths but it also is much more pleasing to the eye. This material is beginning to be common not only in businesses but in upscale San Diego homes.


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