Endless Uses For San Diego Textured Concrete

February 7, 2011 at 3:05 pm | Category: Textured Concrete

There is a type of concrete that is becoming quite popular with home owners, called San Diego textured concrete. Some say it is becoming the concrete of choice, rather than using paver’s. Over all, stamped concrete is easier to take care of. Pavers in time will sink lower into the ground then stamped concrete. Ultimately, the weeds will begin to sprout in between. This creates an unruly look, and requires constant maintenance.

Whether you are adding a patio, or re- doing an existing one, this will add an elegant look to your house. The process begins by pouring concrete, and impressing a textured pattern, and colors before it has a chance to fully dry. This is done according to the clients preferences. If they want a particular look, often it can be created. Once the slab has been stamped it is quite impressive, and adds value to any home.

There are so many varieties, and places that you can use them. The possibilities are endless. There are driveways, patios, and landscapes, which can be created to look the way you would like. Simply mix up colors, and compress them into any style of stone, and place them in the center of the drive way. Maybe you need, or want a brightly colored border around the landscape of your San Diego home.

If you are building a new house, ask the contractor to help you design a particular look, using this process. It is important that the San Diego concrete restorationĀ  contractor you are working with, has had experience in designing outdoor areas using this type of stone. The contractor may be able to show you photo’s of any of his most recent projects. This always helps a person to envision the look for his or her own home. A client may now decide it is a good look for their house.

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