San Diego Concrete Repair And Restoration

October 14, 2011 at 3:29 pm | Category: Concrete Restoration

Concrete repair, restoration, and general maintenance, is typically more cost effective for commercial structures in the San Diego area than complete concrete replacement, as you are probably aware. On this page you will find some general tips and considerations in the event that you are looking for a San Diego concrete repair restoration contractor.

What is Concrete Repair, Restoration? 
Simply put, it’s the practice of fixing broken concrete, as well as cleaning and applying a sealant for future protection.  Depending on the level of damage, some cracks can be filled with epoxy.  If the damage is deep, the concrete might need to be removed and re-surfaced.

Why does Concrete need Repair? 
Other than the obvious visually displeasing aspect of broken concrete, cracked concrete can also be very dangerous to structures as a whole.  For instance, imagine a parking garage where cars are driving on cracked concrete.  Over time, that crack will get larger and larger, forming either an annoying pothole for your customers, or even worse, putting them in danger.

The most important reason for concrete repair and restoration in the San Diego area is what any waterproofing contractor will tell you – moisture is the most damaging force to concrete.  If you have cracked or damaged concrete, it is much easier for water to seep through and cause further damage.

How to Perform Concrete Repair, Restoration 
There are do-it-yourself methods, but we do not recommend wasting your time with those.  Not only are they relatively expensive, but are also time consuming and difficult to perform properly. You should instead hire a San Diego Concrete Contractor.

There is no simple fix for damaged, dirty, or cracked concrete – every job is different.  Some cracks can be easily repaired with epoxy injection, and some stains can be removed by power washing with chemicals and sealant.  But sometimes, the fix will come from facade re-anchoring, especially in stadiums, balconies, and parking decks.


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Decorative and Stamped Concrete in San Diego

September 19, 2011 at 9:28 pm | Category: Textured Concrete

Adding a decorative element to boring grey concrete is a hot trend today. Many San Diego concrete restoration specialists,  homebuilders, designers, business owners and architects realize unique and custom ways to add color and designs to their concrete projects.

Decorative Concrete ideas and designs are popular on San Diego concrete patios, concrete floors, concrete countertops, concrete furniture, concrete pool surrounds, walkways, pathways, vertical concrete walls, and more and include applications such as: acid stained, stained or colored concrete, polished concrete, concrete overlays, concrete engraving, stenciling interior floors, resurfacing concrete, exposed aggregate, stamped concrete, imprinted concrete, vertical stamped concrete, concrete countertop finishes, and decorative faux designs.

Because of the transformation from dull grey concrete to beautiful decorative elements, decorative concrete has emerged as a top choice for many. The advantages to using decorative concrete in you next project may include: cost, custom design, versatility, durability, functionality, and also allows for each individual to add their own unique ideas into the design element.

Stamped concrete is usually referred to as imprinted, patterned or textured concrete. This is one of the original decorative concrete methods to add a pattern or texture into a freshly placed concrete slab. Standard stamped concrete patterns usually mimic stone, rock, tile, brick, slate, flagstone, stone, tile and even wood. There are a wide range of colors and patterns to choose from and stamping concrete can be done in conjunction with other applications such as acid staining, exposed aggregate, salt finish, etc.

Some of the popular uses for stamped concrete are on San Diego Patios, Driveways, Pool Surrounds, Vertical Walls, Stairs, Entryways, and Porches. With new technology, there are also products that can be used inside to overlay and stamp interior floors, thus creating a natural stone pattern within your home or business.

Because of it’s versatility, concrete allows for a perfect canvas to create a look and feel of a high end material while maintaing a unique, natural feel.

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The Importance of Lemon Grove Concrete Foundation Repair

July 6, 2011 at 2:03 pm | Category: Concrete Sealing

Whether you’re a Lemon Grove homeowner or a building manager, you should know how important concrete repair is if you want to maintain the structural integrity of your building and have it safe enough for people to occupy. With most property, Lemon Grove concrete resurfacing is something that should take place on a yearly basis so that you can prevent the need for repair. The point behind maintaining concrete surfaces lies in the fact that a maintained surface doesn’t lose any of its strength. The idea of concrete maintenance is important holds especially true for people who live in temperate climates that see a good amount of rain on a regular basis. The reason for this being that, with water being one of the most destructive forces that could ever be introduced to a concrete surface; it’s especially easy for concrete surfaces in these climates to undergo the need for either repair or replacement if they go too long without any kind of attention.

One telltale sign is cracking. Concrete foundation repair will definitely be needed if you see cracks, as cracks in concrete can lead to water intrusion. If water comes into a building through cracks that have formed, then it can further erode that surface and make it weaker over time. Given enough time and neglect, it isn’t unheard of for concrete surfaces being eroded by water to eventually break, which will create a whole new set of problems once it happens. Beyond water leaking in through your foundation, there are a number of other signs that could indicate that you’re in need of concrete foundation repair, including: cracks on the interiors of walls are one type of indicator, as are doors, cabinets and windows that no longer open and close properly.

Floors that are uneven or otherwise feel as though they aren’t level can also be an indicator that your building’s foundation is in need of concrete restoration. In order to maintain the concrete surfaces of your Lemon Grove home or business and prevent them from cracking or otherwise becoming compromised to the point where the safety of the building is called into question, you can resort to concrete restoration of surfaces that have taken damage in order to get them back to their original strength. Whatever the reason for the damage to your building’s foundation is, it’s in your best interest to get it remedied as soon as possible. Not only is damaged concrete unsightly, but it can be dangerous to people who occupy your building, not only because people could trip over cracks that have formed in the ground, but because the building may become potentially unsafe to be in.

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Benefits of Sealing Concrete Pavers In San Diego

February 7, 2011 at 3:17 pm | Category: Concrete Sealing

Sealing  San Diego concrete surface is beneficial for many reasons. First and foremost, the pavers will be protected from grease, spills, oil stains, etc. In addition to preventing stains, many sealers can dramatically improve the appearance of a home or business. A “wet” look or high-gloss sealer brings out the colors of each paver. For those individuals and companies desiring less of a visual impact there are “satin” and “natural” finishes that provide the same great protection while minimizing the changes in appearance.

Here is a quick summary of both the aesthetic and functional benefits you can expect from sealing your pavers:

  • APPEARANCE – Enhance the appearance of your hardscape with a sealer that is able to bring out and intensify the natural paver colors. In many cases, the change can be quite a dramatic improvement.
  • MAINTENANCE – Sealing pavers creates a surface that improves maintenance efforts by making it faster and easier to clean. Sealed surfaces can be wiped down with a mild detergent or pressure washed to remove any spills, dirt and debris.
  • PROTECTION – Sealed surfaces are more resistant to undesired stains such as oil, food and drink spills, etc. Some sealers also may protect against salts, acids, and other corrosive substances.
  • PRESERVATION – A UV-rated sealer will not yellow as it protects the paver colors from fading under a constant barrage of harmful sunlight.
  • STABILIZATION – Many sealers can reinforce pavement integrity by stabilizing joint sand which also deters weed growth and insect activity such as ant hills.
  • VERSATILITY – The same sealer used on your pavers can also be used on other areas in your hardscape including concrete, exposed aggregate, stone, etc.

Once your pavers are installed, sealing them is the logical next step. It protects your investment and gives them that added visual punch to really make your property stand out. Consider hiring a professional paver sealing company to complete your project. Search the Internet and visit San Diego concrete professional’s website to see some photos of the results they are capable of achieving.

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Endless Uses For San Diego Textured Concrete

February 7, 2011 at 3:05 pm | Category: Textured Concrete

There is a type of concrete that is becoming quite popular with home owners, called San Diego textured concrete. Some say it is becoming the concrete of choice, rather than using paver’s. Over all, stamped concrete is easier to take care of. Pavers in time will sink lower into the ground then stamped concrete. Ultimately, the weeds will begin to sprout in between. This creates an unruly look, and requires constant maintenance.

Whether you are adding a patio, or re- doing an existing one, this will add an elegant look to your house. The process begins by pouring concrete, and impressing a textured pattern, and colors before it has a chance to fully dry. This is done according to the clients preferences. If they want a particular look, often it can be created. Once the slab has been stamped it is quite impressive, and adds value to any home.

There are so many varieties, and places that you can use them. The possibilities are endless. There are driveways, patios, and landscapes, which can be created to look the way you would like. Simply mix up colors, and compress them into any style of stone, and place them in the center of the drive way. Maybe you need, or want a brightly colored border around the landscape of your San Diego home.

If you are building a new house, ask the contractor to help you design a particular look, using this process. It is important that the San Diego concrete restoration  contractor you are working with, has had experience in designing outdoor areas using this type of stone. The contractor may be able to show you photo’s of any of his most recent projects. This always helps a person to envision the look for his or her own home. A client may now decide it is a good look for their house.

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Guide to San Diego Stained Concrete Floors

February 7, 2011 at 2:55 pm | Category: Stained Concrete

San Diego stained concrete floors are becoming vastly popular for homes and businesses alike. Ordinary concrete that used to be covered by other flooring materials are now being stained to produce variegated coloring effects that mimic polished marble, tanned leather, or natural stone. These floors are a low maintenance alternative to other flooring materials and have the design benefits that are unparalleled to any other surface treatment. They can incorporate: cut patterns, borders, multiple colors and a variety of other techniques to create a unique design aspect.

The stain applied to concrete works differently with every concrete surface. No two floors will create an identical color or pattern. This variability is what gives stained concrete its widespread appeal. Almost all concrete surfaces can be stained. Conditions such as sealers, mastic, and glues inhibit stain performance and must be removed before the staining process begins. Since concrete stains are translucent they will not hide surface blemishes such as cracks, patch compounds, or other surface flaws. Some of these blemishes such as cracks can add to the overall effect of concrete stains as well as enhance the floors stain design. If a floor is in severe need of patch work or crack repair, a thin cement based topping can be applied to the surface to create a fresh canvas for the stains.

The cost for San Diego stained concrete can vary depending on: the complexity of the project; structure of the design; condition of the concrete; and the expanse of necessary preparation work. Stained concrete floor prices can start at $3-$4 per square foot for a floor which entails minimal preparation, one coat of stain, and one coat of sealer. Floors priced at $15 per square foot include: intricate engraved designs; multiple colors; thin overlays; sandblasting; and/or other advanced decorative effects. Prices for flooring are developed based on labor and materials needed to complete the design to your standards.

The benefits of stained concrete floors include a surface that is easily maintained, resistant to mold and water damage and preventative to dust mites or allergens. When deciding to use stained concrete floors, their longevity and replacement costs should be compared against other flooring materials; as concrete floors are economically affordable when considering their sustainability. Proper maintenance of concrete floors will ensure appealing aesthetics and structural stability for decades.

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