Tips On Cement Sealing & Decorative Concrete

April 18, 2017 at 8:42 pm | Category: Concrete Sealing

Protecting a cement driveway, patio, or walkways with sealant every few years will help it to last longer. The concrete sealant is not glossy, but rather a protective coating that you can’t see. With proper care, the cement will last a lot longer than it otherwise would.

Concrete staining and sealing can be done anytime you want a change from that boring and dull gray color. It not only enhances your curb appeal but also helps the concrete last longer.

Our San Diego concrete restoration experts at Goonst Hardscapes wanted to give you a few tips about concrete staining & sealing. Enjoy, and feel free to give us a call anytime if you have questions or need service.

What Happens To Broken Cement When Sealing?

You don’t want to seal over broken concrete or try to paint over it. Concrete breaks apart for a reason. Once it does, moisture can get in-between the layers of the structure and loosen the bottom layer to where the entire structure starts shifting and crumbling.

Small cracks are no problem, the majority of the time they just need to be patched before sealing. If there are chips and other unsightly areas, they can be patched too. We will always repair the concrete before sealing it.

What About Decorative Cement, What Are Some Tips?

As cement staining & coloring experts, we can tell you that the job has to be done correctly. The surface needs to be handled right and prepared for the stain or color. Otherwise, blotching or other problems make it look bad.

Once the cement is prepared by repairing any damaged areas and being thoroughly cleaned, the stain or color is applied in multiple steps.

Another important aspect is the experience of the decorative concrete painter. The more experience they have, the better the results and the more options you have in design.

Where To Stain & Seal The Cement In Your Home

One monumental idea you’d never regret is giving your laundry room a nice decorative finish. Even a simple clear finish will make a world of difference, but why not put a little stain or color on it?

Decorative finishes feel oh so good under the feet. You’ll have no trouble wanting to walk on it barefoot and you don’t have to replace the tile or laminate floors later.

Imagine being able to go barefoot in your laundry area in the garage or patio. Whether it’s inside or out, the cement can be colored and sealed. With decorative concrete, you have a clean, attractive, and expensive looking floor.

The same thing goes for your home’s garage. If you love to repair cars, small engines, do carpentry, or just tinker around in the garage with a hobby, you have to think about resurfacing or staining and coloring the garage floor.

Just imagine, if you want to lie down and work under the car, you don’t have to get all grimy. Oil leaks and chemical spills are so easy to clean up and you’ll love the look of the garage every time you pull up in the car. You’ll be amazed and proud of how it looks!

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