What You Need To Know About San Diego Concrete Paint

November 3, 2011 at 4:55 pm | Category: Concrete Restoration

San Diego Concrete repair, restoration, and general maintenance, is typically more cost effective than complete concrete replacement, as you are probably aware. Below you’ll find some general tips and considerations in the event that you are looking for a commercial concrete repair restoration contractor.

What is San Diego Concrete Repair, Restoration? 
Simply put, it’s the practice of fixing broken concrete, as well as cleaning and applying a sealant for future protection.  Depending on the level of damage, some cracks can be filled with epoxy.  If the damage is deep, the concrete might need to be removed and re-surfaced.

Why does your San Diego Concrete need Repair? 
Other than the obvious visually displeasing aspect of broken concrete, cracked concrete can also be very dangerous to structures as a whole.  For instance, imagine a parking garage where cars are driving on cracked concrete.  Over time, that crack will get larger and larger, forming either an annoying pothole for your customers, or even worse, putting them in danger.

The most important reason for San Diego concrete repair and restoration in the MD/DC/VA area is what any waterproofing contractor will tell you – moisture is the most damaging force to concrete.  If you have cracked or damaged concrete, it is much easier for water to seep through and cause further damage.

How to Perform San Diego Concrete Repair, Restoration 
There are do-it-yourself methods, but we do not recommend wasting your time with those.  Not only are they relatively expensive, but are also time consuming and difficult to perform properly. It would be cheaper and faster to go with a professional San Diego Concrete Restoration contractor

There is no simple fix for damaged, dirty, or cracked concrete – every job is different.  Some cracks can be easily repaired with epoxy injection, and some stains can be removed by power washing with chemicals and sealant.  But sometimes, the fix will come from facade re-anchoring, especially in stadiums, balconies, and parking decks.

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