Concrete Sealing In San Diego

San Diego concrete sealing

The slab of concrete in your garage is cold, grey and dreary. You've never paid it much attention because it didn't seem like it needed any. Concrete takes care of itself, right?

On the contrary, San DIego concrete floors may crack as a response to weather or be damaged by impact. By sealing your concrete floor you can protect it - saving money in the long term - and in some cases, make it easier on the eyes.

The practical benefits of using a sealant on your concrete floor are justification enough. San Diego concrete sealing prevents damage and stains and makes your garage or patio easier to clean. It also increases the life expectancy of your concrete surfaces because of its resistance to water and other harmful materials. When water enters small cracks in your concrete and then freezes, it expands. This can fracture or break apart your concrete, creating an eyesore that is expensive to fix.

There are two types of sealants that are typically used on concrete surfaces. The first is a film former, an epoxy based resin that cures into a hard film on top of your concrete. This sealant does not allow water to penetrate the surface. The other is called a penetrating sealant. Just as a film former, it keeps water from damaging your concrete. However, this sealant penetrates, as the name implies, and binds into the concrete surface from one to four millimeters. Penetrating sealant is also resistant to scratches.

In addition to the protection that a sealant can provide, there are many decorative sealants that can add an element of aesthetic appeal to your plain old concrete. There are plenty of colors to choose from depending on your taste, as well as granite finishes that will create a refined look for your patio or garage floor.

Applying a sealant is a simple and effective way to make extend the life and improve the appearance of your concrete floors. So the next time you step out into your garage or onto your patio, you will see more than just a cold wedge of concrete.


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