Interlocking Paving Stone Sealing

Beautiful brown stone walkway in arching pattern and design. At Goonst Hardscapes, our San Diego concrete beautification and restoration contractors specialize in interlocking paving stone sealing service in San Diego. We clean and seal interlocking paving stones on driveways, garden paths, patios, pool surrounds, entryways, steps, and other areas. Interlocking paving stones are constructed from concrete that is poured into molds of various shapes and sizes. The manufacturer often adds color to make the paving stones look like natural stone, slate, or granite. The pavers are sealed by the manufacturer for protection.

This is important because concrete is porous. For longer lasting protection, the paving stones can be sealed after installation. This helps to keep the joint sand stabilized as well. Over time, the sealant wears off and needs to be reapplied. Sealing protects the interlocking paving stones from staining. Sealing also helps to keep the sand particles between the joints stabilized. Driveways made of interlocking paving stones especially need sealing so they won't be stained by oil and tire marks. If you need sealing service for your interlocking paving stones in San Diego, call Goonst Hardscapes for quality service at competitive rates.
  • Protects Your Paving Stone Investment
  • Lengthens The Life Of Paving Stones
  • Helps Stabilize Joint Sand
  • Resists UV Rays & Moisture Absorption
  • Resists Stains & Chemicals
  • Industrial Strength Paving Stone Sealant

Beautifying The Paving Stones With Sealing

Sealing your interlocking paving stones can make a big difference in the color. The darker the pavers are, the more pronounced the color will be after a glossy sealer is applied. Many homeowners love the "wet look" that sealing can provide. Sealing also protects the paving stones from fading due to UV rays. The pavers will keep their natural color much longer. Sealing also makes the pavers much easier to care for. This is an important step to take to protect your investment.

How Often Should Interlocking Paving Stones Be Sealed?

In general, you should seal the interlocking paving stones every two to three years. However, this depends on whether or not the sealer was applied with multiple applications. It also depends on the type of traffic and natural elements the paving stones are exposed to.

Why Choose Goonst For Interlocking Paving Stone Sealing?

Not only will you love our expert workmanship obtained through 25 years in the industry, you'll love our competitive prices. You'll also benefit from our quality sealant which is specially made for superior life expectancy. Our focus is on the long-term success of every project we complete for our customers.

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