Vista Concrete Staining & Restoration

Vista ConcreteVista concrete staining with acrylic stains allows you total control over the variations and patterns created. With acid staining, aside from choosing the color, you have no control over the variations created by the reactive coloring process. Even though the surface appears to be consistent before staining, it is in fact quite the opposite and acid stains will highlight any inconsistencies. Also, you can never be sure what shades of the chosen color you're going to get until it's finished and sealed.

Because faux finish painting has become popular for enhancing interior walls, why not apply similar methods with concrete stains to jazz up a patio or basement floor. You don't have to settle for boring gray concrete even if it's been there for years. The techniques used for staining Vista concrete differ somewhat from painting walls because you're working on a horizontal surface as opposed to a vertical surface, but the concept behind both remains the same.

Vista, CA

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