Coronado Concrete Staining & Restoration

Coronado ConcreteAre you looking for a unique idea for your Coronado area home, have you considered Coronado concrete staining. The concrete acid stain has become a popular remodeling technique for homeowners converting basements into apartment spaces as well as in new architectural builds. Many hotel lobbies are being fitted with acid stained concrete floors. New loft buildings around the states are seeing this solution being used often as well. The benefits of using acid treatment on concrete are plenty. It is cheaper than other floor coverings, mimics many different styles and always turns out unique.

Every stain treatment is like a fingerprint, no two are ever alike. Because this is true those who utilize it will enjoy a personalized outcome for the space they are remodeling. While the treatment is unique each time, a few variables can be predicted throughout the process. These variables include general color scheme (though colors are limited to earth tones, muted blue-greens, and tans) and area treatment. Professional grade stainers can use etchings to create a finished product with a look and feel similar to flagstone or marble tiling, wood or even leather.

Our trained professional staff can make your homes concrete surfaces look and feel unique making your home stand out far and above the rest. Whether you are interested in concrete staining or maybe just restoration or trained expert staff has the tools and the experience needed to ensure that you have the best possible products and services. Give them a call today and see what they can do for you and your needs.

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